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Funding Growth

Whether you are a community based sport, or a professional sports organisation, funding and your key development plans are vital to ensure that your sport can deliver against the objectives for your sport. Indeed if you are a stakeholder in any sport, such as a sponsor, a media organisation, government, or a specialist supplier to the sport, it is vital that a successful programme is put in place to achieve your objectives. The objectives can be either purely financial or based on other objectives such as a consumer sentiment, delivery of new products to the sport, fan engagement, or a number of other key metrics.

Our experience and expertise over 20 years is in consistently developing programmes that can deliver successfully against these key objectives for your organisation or sport.

We believe that any sports business needs to develop a sustainable and flexible model of income generation. This means looking at both the existing and potential new areas for exploitation and ensuring they are maximised for the business. Areas we can specifically assist with include:

  • Research and develop a true understanding of your sports market and business to make sure the assumptions you work on are both relevant and correct.

  • Assess and then develop your existing commercial programmes and people

  • We can review the funding drivers of the business (across media, sponsorship, hospitality/ticketing, licensing and betting, event experience, and digital programmes) and evolve to a customer focused operation to ensure full commercial optimisation.

  • Assess and develop the existing event locations as well as all the hard and soft inventory to ensure resources are exploited fully or developed where required

  • Assess risk and introduce processes to ensure it is managed and minimised.

  • Develop communication programmes to deliver against awareness and consumer and business sentiment objectives for your organisations brand

  • Build a team mentality focused on the final customer and ensure key stakeholders such as sponsors & media are fully served.

  • Align all the key stakeholders in your sport to encourage long term positive relationships

  • We can advise on key strategic stakeholder relationships such as regulatory bodies, government, disciplinary agencies, or other bodies that interact with your sport or brand

  • Review and assist the process of tendering for, or engaging in, significant Capital projects with advice on successful procedures that need to be in place to deliver such projects

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