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Sustainable Finance

Sporting organisations attempt to balance short-term financial needs with the need to provide investment for growth in the medium to long term, and at the same time managing stakeholder pressure to distribute funds. No different to other industries the Sporting finance function plays a key role in solidifying strategic partnerships and building shareholder and stakeholder confidence.

A study of economic drivers that provide current sources of revenue can help to identify areas for development. How we do business with our partners and suppliers reflects on our company image. Procurement policies and procedures become more important when managing projects, capital projects and Events. In many sporting organisations, strategic partners or sponsorship activities interact with your finance function which creates the need to ensure procurement processes are customer friendly as well as effective.

Increasingly accountability and transparency are essential principles that fall to financial functions to protect the company and its stakeholders. We bring the experience of managing complex stakeholder organisations where oversight and interrogation of financial performance were critical to building and maintaining stakeholder trust and confidence.

We can assist:

  • Developing your finance function to ensure strategic and operational alignment across your organisation.

  • We can help you to review current and potential sources of income and funding, assess procurement and cost control systems in line with overall strategy

  • We can help you to review Governance functions including risk management

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