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Netflix applies an algorithm to our film selections and uses this to guide future offerings to us, displaying a laser sharp customer focus; Sports can differentiate from other forms of entertainment by placing customer experience as a central strategic plank.

For many this is the “age of the customer” where power is moving from organisations to the customer, and creating a demand that sports stakeholders begin every conversation with the needs of the customer – ahead of the needs of the company, shareholders and stakeholders.

As we move from a B2B model to a direct-to-consumer model where growth will be centred around a direct relationship between sports and fans, knowing more about our customers and their needs and interests becomes a priority.


Our customers choice and expectation have increased exponentially; we can build attendance and loyalty for our sport when we are driven by the needs and interests of our patrons.

A great starting point to understanding your customers and their motivation is to review existing customer feedback and data.

We can work with you to:

Align all stakeholders to achieve your organisations vision for the sport and for your brand - from the consumer (the fan) to your board, staff, and all key stakeholders

To fully embrace the history, heritage and culture of your organisation and your sport

Map out and adapt customer journeys and touchpoints to build exceptional customer experiences.


Translate insights to deliver sustainable growth and underpin your business.

Review metrics to ensure review of progress against targets for your events, transactions and other business activities to provide management information to share.

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